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As a professional manufacturer,zhouda hardware has to keep  practicing and innovating,we have been kept improving our technology to design,manufacture the superior furniture fittings ,furniture hardware products.

1.Zhouda hardware has own factory.

We design,and produce the goods directly by ourselves,therefore,we have superior quality and favourable prices.Choose us,your best choices!!!

2.R&D Team's rich and professional experience and flexibility

the team in our factory has professional experience on the furniture fittings,furniture hardware of designing,manufacturing.We are engaged in the research of furniture fittings growing solution.Our aim is to make suitable solution and provide cost-effective furniture fittings according to the customers.

3.Advantaged production equipment
We pay attention to the innovation creativity to keep development.Our factory continuously gain our current technology,knowledge to update furniture fittings products with our advantaged production equipment. We keep creating new solution to meet new requirement to make our customers' work easier.

4. Teamwork to seek for new solution
All of the workers from Zhouda hardware are  working together for seeking the research and development of new furniture fittings products and new solution to make our quality,prices better and better.As the old Chinese saying goes,Union is strength.

5. Professional expert consultants
Zhouda hardware has a good cooperative relationship with famous furniture fittings/furniture hardware customers from different countries.It has a good help for us to help our customers to get what they want with least cost.